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What spongebob character are you? (Zodiac edition)

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Have you ever wondered what character you are from Bikini Bottom? Your Zodiac is made just for you and even if you don’t like it, you can like your spongebob character.


Aries: Squidward

March 20-April 21

Wonderful Aries you and squidward are very alike. It’s very difficult for both of you to relax whether it be an annoying sponge or drama. You both get very hot headed at things that don’t go your way. But you never gave up on your dreams and extremely motivated. Grow closer with squidward because you might realize how much you two have in common.


Taurus: Sandy Cheeks

April 21- May 21

The bull is often reliable and practical just like our favorite underwater squirrel. You both are very devoted and responsible. Making you two the perfect duo. Very self reliant, you guys are practically twins. Your friends can always depend on you for anything they need.


Gemini: Karen the Computer Wife

May 21-June 20

Very clever, this duo makes other jealous. Without Karen, Plankton would be in shambles. Playful and social, these traits define you guys. Much like Karen, Gemini is a strong leader and supporter but you can be equally moody. I’m not saying anything but Karen can do better than Plankton.


Cancer: Mr. Krabs

June 21- July 22

Not by coincidence but you both are Crabs. Not only is that the only quality you share but you guys are both very protective. Mr. Krabs with his money and you dear cancer with your feelings. You both are very emotional whether it be for money or from something you remembered from your past. Cancer just relax and everything will be okay.


Leo: Larry The Lobster

July 23- August 23

You the mighty Leo relate to the strong Larry the Lobster. Most importantly you guys love yourselves more than anything. Both of you are the life of the party and make other motivated to improve yourselves. Like Larry, you make a great friend as well. Leo never give into haters because Larry doesn’t.


Virgo: Gary the Snail

August 23- September 22

The ever calm gary and virgo are a match made in the ocean. Both of you present a very private composer. But don’t let that fool you, Virgo and gary are just as snappy. The most intelligent people of both the ocean and earth without your moral support we could be lost forever. Channel your inner gary my virgo… you’ll need him in life.


Libra: Spongebob

September 23- October 22

Libra and Spongebob are the main characters of everything. Forgiving and loving you are both angels. Talkative, balanced and a peacekeeper, you are the beloved character Spongebob. There so much you guys have incommon so it’s not hard to see that you guys are the same. Fun loving, you two make the best of every day.


Scorpio: Mrs. Puff

October 23- November 22

You the brilliant Scorpio are Mrs. Puff. Sharing the assertive and ambitious characteristics. Very focused on a goal, such as trying to pass spongebob for his boating license or just making yourself heard. You too are making sure everyone stays in their place. It’s not hard to see how much you guys are alike. But at the end of the day you treat yourself and love yourself not matter what happens.


Sagittarius: King Neptune or Princess Mindy

November 23- December 21

The magnificent sagittarius is a king… or Queen. But you are the ruler with a strong mind but impulsive behaviors. You can be two completely different people. Kind or firey, either way you make sure have the world at your feet. Whether you are careless or philosophical. Don’t worry you can be a leader either way just don’t let human temptations get in the way.


Capricorn: Plankton

December 22- January 19

Capricorn is evil but at the same time you can’t question their endless ambition. As they focus on their end goal they see much of their hard work goes into their dream. Realistic values keeps you at bay from thinking too big but your ideas come fast and strong. Plankton might not succeed all that much but you can.


Aquarius: That one fish that yells “My Leg!”

January 20- February 19

Mysterious you are and unknown. You are unique and unpredictable. Showing up in situations that might not suit you but making yourself blend with the crowd. Yes I gave you a background character but that doesn’t make you any less important. You aquarius don’t need a crowd to see how wonderful you are.

Pisces: Pearl

February 20- March 20

Sensitivity is something you have in common with Pearl the whale. (I meant no harm to your ego I promise) You are easily influenced and hold all your emotions on your wrist.  Being a dreamer that is creative is your middle name. Pearl always finds ways to get what she wants. Maybe you can get what you want too. Connect to your inner Pearl.

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What spongebob character are you? (Zodiac edition)