The Horoscope Signs as kids at JHS

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The Horoscope Signs as kids at JHS

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Aries: The one kid who is yelling random things in the hallway but low key you can relate.

Taurus: The one kid who comes in late and has 50,000+ tardies in 1st hour. They don’t even have shoes on.

Gemini: That one kid who finally gathered their life together during senior year. It’s okay… you will be fine.

Cancer: That one kid who comes after lunch with three bags of food and a drink from Starbucks. If not, they probably have chips in their backpack.

Leo: That one kid who everyone knows. I know you and we all know what you have done. *Squints eyes*

Virgo:That one kid that seems like they have their life together and they offer you a piece of gum instead of waiting for you to ask for one. This is a real one…

Libra:That one kid who you know is looking at you for answers and then pretends that you don’t exist after you give him/her the answers.

Scorpio: That one kid who says things they shouldn’t and you don’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

Sagittarius: That one kid who… wait you dropped out?

Capricorn: That one kid you see down the hall and is just standing there. Talking with their friends… NOT MOVING…NOT WALKING

Aquarius: That one kid who has achieve more in their right pinky than you have in all your lives. They also wear air pods and an apple watch to flex on you.

Pisces: That one kid who somehow manages to watch an entire Netflix series in one class period. Then they fall asleep next hour without any trouble.

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