Pink Floyd’s Rescue!


On January 22, an unlikely event occurred. A Pink Floyd front man, Roger Waters, used Floyd’s personal private jet to rescue two Syrian children after their father had died. The two children were born to a Islamic State fighter and a women from Trinidad. The mother had not seen the two young boys since they were taken with their father to live in Syria. Roger Water’s said,” Clive and I will do the work. I will fund their flights. But Trinidad must gives us travel documents to allow them to come home. It is depressing that the government does not seem to care about the two children.” This is merely only part of a bigger issue, with coalition forces forcing ISIS back further and further, more mothers with children are left without a way to go back to their country. Only handfuls of countries have taken back their former citizens, leaving many behind in war-torn areas with no help. Seven British women and their 12 children are being temporarily held at a camp, but the British government has refused to take them back. France has agreed to take the children, but not the mothers. Waters, with support from Floyd, has been vocal on denouncing Western intervention in the war-torn area. We as a people can only hope that Syria can rid itself of its problems and med itself.