Is Fortnite Dying or Growing?


Many people believe that Fortnite is dying, or in other words being forgotten, and that sooner rather than later the game will be thrown into the eternal abyss of forgotten video games. What they don’t realize is that Fortnite is far from dead,Yes, there has been a small decline in players, but just because a few thousand of people don’t play the game as much or not at all doesn’t mean that Fortnite will turn into dust. The game Fortnite it has different seasons that it goes by Some downfall about Fortnite is when season 5 Came out it was a big mess. So Fortnite made one mistake, which we’ve all done. Epic Games listens to their community too much that could end the game of Fortnite. Epic games makes too many changes based on the “Fortnite” community’s feedback. Also another downfall about Fornite is that call of duty 4 came out on October 12 2018 a lot people move from Fortnite to black ops 4. According to SuperData latest findings, Fortnite revenue growth has slowed down in recent months. The game had a 32% revenue growth between April and March, while this number went all the way down to 2% between June and July. This drastic change suggests that Fortnite Battle Royale peak is behind it, but it may not be as bad as it sounds. Well to point this out Fortnite is slowly dying out but not as much. The game stills have plenty of views left but later in the years views well go down but for now its not