What Lurks Inside


At the edge of a town called Empyrean lies a forest bigger than the town itself. It was notorious for being filled with things out of the ordinary but yet, no one really knew what was in there. There were the cases of  “glowing eyes” and “weird sounds” but that could be just any animal, it wasn’t until someone was brave enough to go in the forest that all the talk of there being something unusual suddenly became real.

Sebastian looked into the dark forest, glancing at the end of the pathway before glancing back at his town. He turned around to the forest again and took in a deep breath. If I go in here, he thought, there’s no way of knowing if I’ll make it back out or not. The thought didn’t seem to bother him much though, the longer he looked into the dark abyss, the more he forgot about his town. He took a step off the path and all the thoughts of backing out left his mind. He reached back and pulled out a big flashlight from the side of his backpack, clicking the button. Excitement filled him as his surroundings were lit up.


Townsfolk had always said they felt like the forest was watching them and that’s what Sebastian felt with every step he took. The confidence he had when he entered was dwindling with every noise and he could feel the hairs on his skin sticking up. The forest somehow seemed to get darker as he walked through and as he pointed his flashlight up, it seemed like the trees were getting taller as well.


A loud noise suddenly rang out causing Sebastian to jerk his arm in front of him. The light of his flashlight was shaky as he looked around and when he had checked all around him, he sighed heavily. Just when he thought everything was fine loud thuds filled the forest. His eyes were wide as he looked frantically looked around, cursing his feet for not moving. The ground started to shake as whatever was making the loud noises got closer and closer. Sebastian fell down as the force got stronger and suddenly, it stopped. He had let go of his flashlight during his fall so he quickly clambered to pick up, pointing it in front of him. A giant hoof. His eyebrows furrowed and slowly he started to lift his flashlight up, following the leg up. The light didn’t illuminate much but Sebastian was able to catch a glimpse of the creatures head and suddenly it hit him. This was a deer but it had to be over a hundred feet tall.


A scream left his mouth before he could stop it and startled, the deer took off into the forest, rattling the trees and the ground with it. Sebastian stared wide eyed in front of him, trying to process what he just saw.


The town was right, there was something off about this forest. He began to wonder how many other big creatures there were and got nauseous with the thought. As much as he would love to see more bigger animals, the possibility of running into something dangerous was too high. He decided to not stick around and ran back the way he came, eyes clenching tightly when a loud noise would ring out. He didn’t know how long he was running for but eventually stopped to catch his breath. It looked like he didn’t make it very far but it didn’t help that everything looked the same.


It was a week before Sebastian came running out of the forest. With how dirty and disheveled his clothes were, it wasn’t a surprise that people who saw him were worried. When people started asking about what he saw, he told them everything. How the creatures were abnormally big, how he ended up getting lost and running into more than just the deer.


The forest became even more unsettling now that they knew what was in it.