Super Bowl Preview!

Super Bowl Preview!


The Super Bowl is an event anticipated for all year long. It’s a time where people can get together, eat food, socialize, and watch football. What more could you want? Well this year, fans everywhere are in for a thriller.

This years game will showcase 5 time world champ Tom Brady and the AFC champions the New England Patriots, playing in their 3rd consecutive Super Bowl against the NFC champions the Los Angeles Rams, in a rematch of the 2001 Super Bowl.

The Rams are coming off a great regular season, finishing 13-3 and beating the New Orleans Saints in a thriller NFC Championship game. The Patriots had a less successful year than they’re used to finishing 11-5 and ending up as the 2nd seed in the AFC. However, they played great in the playoffs, beating the chargers 41-28 and the chiefs 37-31 to earn their spot in the big game.

Both teams have their advantages and disadvantages entering the game. The Patriots have experience on their side, as they have been to 3 Super Bowls in the last 4 years. They do, however, lack offensive weapons, with their offense barely finishing in the top 10. The Rams are the exact opposite, as their offense put up record numbers this year. They do lack experience though, and have struggled on defense for the majority of the year.

The key for both teams is this: If the patriots can protect Tom Brady and slow down the Rams offense, they will have the best chance. If the Rams can provide pressure and score consistently, they will have better shot. One thing is certain. This is going to be a very good game.