The New Football League That Has Fans Everywhere Spinning!

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The 2018 NFL season has finally come to a close. Football fans everywhere have now hit that 6 month long stretch with nothing but the end of NBA season and the beginning of the MLB season to console them, which isn’t always satisfactory to diehard sports fans. This offseason, however, will be very different, thanks to the new football league that has fans glued to the TV. The thing I’m talking about, is the AAF.

AAF stands for the Alliance of American Football, and it first began two weekends ago on February 9th. The league is much smaller than the NFL, consisting of only 8 core teams. The teams featured are the Salt Lake City Stallions, Birmingham Iron, Atlanta Legends, San Diego Fleet, Memphis Express, Orlando Apollos, Arizona Hotshots, and the San Antonio Commanders. Each team (with the exception of Atlanta and Arizona) was placed in a small market city, in order to differentiate from the NFL.

The founders of the AAF are Charlie Ebersol and Bill Polian, and they created the league as an alternative for the NFL. It is also meant to bridge the gap between the end of the NFL season and the beginning, keeping fans entertained and maximizing viewership. While the tone and intensity of the league is similar to the NFL, the rules are very different. There are no kickoffs in the AAF, and when a play is being reviewed by officials you can hear them discussing said play.

The AAF is very raw and new, but the potential for it to be a major sports league is there. There are games every weekend, and if you are in need of a football fix, I highly suggest you tune in.

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