Why is it sooooooooooo farrrrrrr? I ask myself that too. Why do they make use travel all the way to another town that’s more than 20 miles away from our home town. Some kids may not even be allowed to go to prom because of how far it is. They should make something that important closer so that everyone can be able to attend, I was also looking at how the place looks and it honestly looks exactly like the radio rondevoo in downtown Twin Falls.. (FYI the junior class is in charge of PROM! )

To me these two places look the same, i’m not saying i like any of these places because i just don’t. This is my senior year and my very first and last prom that i may be able to attend. But now i am asking myself if i even want to go. In cases were the junior class doesn’t know exactly where to do prom they should ask for opinions. Ask for any options on where to do a very important occasion to one. One of my questions as well is, was the place cheaper in buhl?