Soft Ball Preview

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Throughout the years many of the softball girls have said this exact same thing “oh this year is the year everything changes, once districts come we won’t choke and we will make it all the way to state”. But that hasn’t happened yet, but this year should be the year.

Jerome Softball has gone through 3 coaches within 4 years. The first 2 coaches were very close to state, but this years coach should be able to get the girls all the way. Since the weather has been bad the girls have been working extra hard in the gym so when comes time to hit the dirt they are ready to go.

Coach Hudelson said, “ varsity girls are ready to rock and roll, but JV still needs a few fixes”. Now with that being said the varsity girls have been on varsity already or has played high school ball. For the JV of course they are going to need a few fixes. It’s hard to tell how each team with be because they have been in the gym like everyday, but with the hard work and passion that is brought to practice this year, it should be a great year.

Coach Hudelson, new head varsity coach, has brought a difference mindset to the program this year. They call it the “so what” after each mistake that they make the first time they all say “so what” and move onto the next play. The last few years they never had that it was just like hey don’t do that again. Coach Hudelson is here to make a change in the program and is willing to help the girls make it all the way to state.  

First game is Tuesday March 12th, at home, Gayle Forsyth Park, against Bonneville at 3 and 5.