Blackpink is the first kpop girl group to came to Coachella. Their a group of 4 members. The group is made up of Jisoo , Jennie , Rose , and Lisa. This kpop girl group will make its debuts in the USA at Coachella in 2019. They perform in Coachella friday of April 12-19.

Blackpink is a korean girl group. The members of blackpink are not all Koreans. Lisa a  member of Blackpink that is not korean because, she originated from Thailand. Rose from Blackpink was born in New Zealand.

Blackpink will reportedly be the first all-female kpop to perform at the event. During their  performance in Indo ,California , they attracted thousands of new fans . Blackpink got to meet a lot of new idols. They meet idols like Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande , Will Smith ,and much more other idols.

Top artists at coachella 2019 weekend 1.  Their with most votes was blackpink with 77.7%. The second most voted artist was childish Gambino with 7.1% . The other voted artists were not voted that much . They either had 5.2%-0.1% votes.

They made history for being the first kpop girl group to debut in Usa. Stream Blackpink’s new song ‘Kill this Love’