Tennis state!

Tennis Finals – State

This year, the tennis players who are eligible to go to state are Doubles team David Lloyd and Michael Lloyd and Singles Anthony Licano. This is exciting for th eJHS tennis team as they haven’t had this many go onto sate for years. Usually, it’d be only Michael Licano going on to state in previous years.. The State games are starting soon this week, and JHS players are going to play against other players who also are in state. JHS tennis players are also going to be awarded in the coming weeks as the tennis team comes to a close

The rewards presented top players range from certificates to bags with tennis balls inside. There are also excited coaches and players sending their players on to state, State will probably be hard for the players, but they can go through this and make it to regionals or something else.

This tennis season was a great year, and there will be other great seasons to come. These two tennis players are seniors and will be leading for next year. There is uncertainty as to who will be going to state for next year.