It’s a bird… NO it’s a Plane


We’ve all heard of world war two. The second and last world war, encompassing the globe and seeing advancements in technology in all fields. The world watched as we started to use rocket launchers, aircraft carriers and some of the biggest battleships ever built slugged it out on the high seas. But the biggest advancement was in the airplane. Wars always rush technology, and the airplane was no exception. Most countries started off using biplanes. At the end of the war Germany had developed the world’s first jet fighter. Now America didn’t do anything like that, but we had some pretty cool airplanes. One of the best of these was the Vought F4U Corsair. The airplane was one the epitome of American aircraft. It was big, had an even bigger engine, lots of guns and was very fast. Now some of these airplanes survived the war and fell into collectors hand’s. One such collector lives hear in Idaho. This gentleman was flying his very own corsair when he ran out of runway and flew off into the road. The man was not hospitalized. The plane itself will need a lot of minor repairs, and completely new radiators. Plane enthusiasts can only hope that this magnificent bird will fly again.