At the jerome high school every year the senior class is in charge of tigermania. Tigermania is a fun all day assembly made for the students to have fun. There is games and lots of fun surprises that come along. For example the Grammys. The grammys is an election that is sent out throughout the whole high school to elect people for funny nominations. Example are Dutch Fanatic, Horses in the Back ,  Procrastinator, And one of the funniest one is “Most likely to look like monroe” aka bald. The 2019 tiger mania was okay. I was asking people’s opinions about what they thought of Tiger Mania. Many said some of the performances were boring and that they should of had more student performances. Also many said that they would of liked to be part of the making of tiger mania but weren’t allowed to because they weren’t part of the student government. If the event is for students and made by students that means students should be able to participate more. Over all the event was fun and it was a good distraction for students during finals week.