Get out of My Room, I’m Playing Minecraft


Minecraft has held a special place in a lot of people’s hearts the past few years. It started off as just a game where you could build creations and It’s still the same idea, building, but a lot has been added to it to make it a even better experience.

Minecraft was first made in 2009, actually going by the name “Cave Game.” It had basic building blocks that people could go in and create with and that was pretty much it. It wasn’t until 2010 that the creator of Minecraft, Marcus Persson, decided to change the name to Minecraft and put it into it’s beta stage. The full version came out in 2011 but even then, Minecraft wasn’t even close to being done. Updates were always, and still are, being made and at the time the Nether and the End were added. Mods for the game eventually became a thing and so there was many things you could add to your game. You could add simple stuff like a furniture mod or you could do bigger things like modding an entire world completely different from the original.

Now, a lot things are being added to minecraft that would have been only accessible by adding mods, like on the switch there’s dolphins and the villagers have different outfits depending on which biome they’re in. The game will probably always be changing as there’s always cool things to add but if you don’t feel like playing newer updates of the game, there’s always the option of playing on just classic Minecraft.