Lady Tigers!

Lady Tigers!

It was a long hard journey for the Lady Tigers as they fought to be where they are at right now. Friday, May 3rd the Lady Tigers hosted the Lady Wolverines.


The game was over within 2 and a half innings. The Tigers scored 10 runs in the first inning leaving the score 10-0 after the first. The second inning came and the Lady Tigers managed to score another 5. Third inning came and they held the Wolverines. The Tigers won with a run rule in the third inning. Final score 15-0. That left the Tigers to host Mountain Home on Monday, May 6th.


Monday, May 6th came, it was very nerve racking for both teams. It has been 9 years since Jerome softball has made it to state. As each girl pulled up to the field Coach Hudelson would yell “what day is it?” All of the girls saying “game day?” Coach Hud yelling back “TODAY IS THE DAY YOU GIRLS PUNCH YOUR TICKET TO STATE!” All of us shouting and jumping around. Mountain Home showed up and Jerome settled down to get ready for a fight.


It is game time, Lady Tigers vs Lady Tigers. As Jerome stepped on the field they were ready to go getting 3 up 3 down coming into the dugout all rallied up as they scored 2 in the first inning. 2nd inning was a little tough for Jerome as Moho came back scoring 7 runs making the score 2-7. Jerome didn’t give up coming back and scoring 4 runs making the score 6-7. 4th inning came, Jerome held Moho and Jerome scored 4 more runs making the score 10-7. 5th inning, Moho scored 2 runs  and Jerome stayed at 10. 6th inning Moho scored 4 runs but Jerome fought back. As Jerome entered the dugout they got to work cheering as loud as they could. Jerome scored 6 runs in that inning. Now the top of the 7th inning, before even taking the field the girls had a meeting. “Right now is the time that we dig deep and start playing with heart,” said Senior Vivi Ortega. Right behind her was Junior Abriana Hurtado with a cheer, “Tiger Heart on 3!” As Jerome took the field people could tell they were ready to win this game. First out was a little grounder back to the pitcher, next out was a line-driver to the shortstop, third and final out was a little grounder back to the pitcher. Ending the game with a 3 up 3 down. After the last out all of the girls ran to the pitching circle hugging each other and shouting, “WE DID IT, WE ARE GOING TO STATE!” Final score 16-13.


Jerome Lady Tigers are back in action on Friday, May 10th as they host Pocatello for the District Championship at 5. State will be in Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho the 17th and 18th of May.