Editors Note: Goodbye

Editors Note: Goodbye

Hello, This Is America *Cue Song*

Well this is my goodbye. It’s been a jolly good show after all. There are many things that I have come to learn and love about Journalism. Being the main runner of the show was a bit hard on my own. There were times of no motivation but it made me realize that you need motivation in the things you love the most.

First Semester was an extraordinary experience. I wasn’t the main editor but it showed me that teamwork is key. There is some hope for the future after experiencing this class. They showed me a lot that I have come to know about myself now.

Second semester has been a wild journey. I would Like to thank Mr. Van Orden for making me a whole chief. Also for making me realize that there is some sort of leadership inside of me. These kids were lots of fun to work with between silences and some random conversation, it was different.

Overall, I enjoyed my experience to the max and have had a very awesome time with it all. Thanks again Mr. VO for being in charge of the newspaper thus far and I wish you all the luck. There is a new adventure waiting for you in Highland. *Mucho Tears* And Thanks two both classes for being great to work with. The pleasure was all mine, truly.

My dearest JHS, See yah later. Peace…

P.S. Love who you become and who you are… =D