2020 Election: How Is It Going to Affect the Jerome High School Student Body?

2020 Election: How Is It Going to Affect the Jerome High School Student Body?

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“Personally I don’t think it’ll change much because you know, we aren’t really in the government. Cause you know, we’re kids.” (Austin Bullock)

Jerome High School- . Students in Jerome High School were interviewed Wednesday morning and afternoon about their opinions on the 2020 Presidential Election. They were all asked the same questions: “What is your opinion on the election?”, “who would you like to see as our president and why?” and, “how is it going to affect our student body.” Marcos Garcia, a JHS Sophomore said, “I actually think they are both bad people. But Biden all the way, he believes in science. He’s pro choice and way less homophobic than Trump. It’s going to affect the students either negatively or not at all, almost everyone has Tik Tok and that’s where a lot of the political things are. If the app is a toxic one it will be even more toxic after the election no matter who wins, and there will probably be a lot more toxicity in school.” 

 James Lamb, a senior at JHS, stated, “Out of the nominees, I’d like to see Biden as our president. Solely because he can’t be worse than what we have,” He also said, “ If Biden wins, then he would likely take action regarding how we go to class or if we even stay in school very promptly with him as our president. If it happens.” 

Another senior, Toby Justice, explained his views on the election, “I don’t really care that much. I’m not able to vote right now, but if I was able to I would not vote for Biden, that’s for sure. I would say Trump again, because, honestly, I don’t think he is doing that bad. He’s not doing amazing, but, like, he’s okay. And, well, he’s actually taken care of some problems but, even though some people don’t like it.”  He then told us his thoughts on how it may affect the JHS student body, “I don’t really think it will affect it too much, but like, some people might get mad over it. But we will move on eventually.” 

Austin Bullock, a sophomore here at JHS, also explained his opinions on the election, “Well right now the elections are pretty frantic because of all the CoronaVirus stuff and well, personally, I think Trump’s probably going to win because that’s just how it is. I mean, personally, I kinda wanna see Biden because you know, new things bring in new opportunities, and more advantages.” 

The last student that was interviewed was Kat Hill, a Sophomore here at JHS, “I kinda feel like the election is rigged this year, because there’s a lot going on. I think Biden is losing his mind, he’s going crazy. He’s been tested for Alzheimer’s or Dementia, but they won’t release the reports and his campaign is saying he’s fine, but you can tell he’s not. I feel like Trump is our best option for our country if we want to keep things the way they are. If Biden gets into office we are going to lose a lot of rights for women, a lot of rights for the LGBTQ+ community, and a bunch of other things we have worked so hard to get in the past few years. So I feel like Trump’s our best option to maybe keep those and then work towards something more.” 

When Kat was asked what she thinks the effect the election would have on the Jerome High School Student Body, this was her reply, “I feel like everyone likes to hate on Trump because of the whole ‘lets build a wall around Mexico!’ thing.”

They explained that most it will affect is how people preserve each other, and also how the COVID-19 situation may go.