Battle of the Bridge


“This is everything, Twin is our biggest rival, and just to come back and beat our rivals across the bridge means everything.” – Senior, Dalan Thompson 


Twin Falls- The Jerome Tigers played the Twin Falls Bruins on Friday, September 18, 2020, at Twin Falls High School. This year’s game should have been played in Jerome, in Tiger territory, but due to scheduling issues, the Tigers took on the Bruins at their home field in Twin Falls. Jerome beat Twin 14-7. This is the first time Jerome beat Twin Falls two consecutive years in a row.

This win was important to the Tigers because they have been rivals for years. According to coach Gambles, the Jerome Tiger’s Varsity football coach, when asked if the Bruins was the Tiger’s biggest rivalry he said, “Yes, for sure.”  The crowd supported the rivalry with posters and flags that hailed, “BEAT TWIN”. 

Coach Gambles went on to mention that success really comes down to the athletes. “Mostly the kids (Varsity team) believing they could do it. It starts with the kids with their attitudes. We also beat them (Bruins) last year.” Junior, Colton Elison, also commented on the Tiger’s success over Twin Falls. When asked about the Tiger’s defense he said, “They are the reason we won the game.” 

The first quarter in the rivalry game ended with both teams at 0-0. There were numerous punts and turnovers, but neither team could score. However, with only 36 seconds left in the second quarter, quarterback Dalan Thompson passed the ball to tight end Gavin Capps for a touchdown. This put the Tigers on the scoreboard 7-0, leading going into the second half. 

Both defenses held each other off until half way through the fourth quarter when Twin was finally able to score. It came down to the wire, but Senior running back Kyle Craig sealed the game with a 15 yard touchdown with only 34 seconds left in the game. The Twin Falls offense tried to answer back and tie the game with a “hail mary” attempt in the end zone, but the pass was defended and Jerome won.

Jerome takes on Canyon Ridge, another rivalry next week . Elison commented about how the Tigers prepare for the game, “The same as every week.  We look at the Canyon Ridge game like we look at all games.  They’re all important especially now that we are in conference play.” 

With half of the season under their belt, Elison feels good about the remaining games. “We have a real chance to win the conference.  We just have to prepare for each game and keep winning.” Jerome is currently tied for conference leader with Minico, with each having one conference win and no conference losses. Although the upcoming game with Canyon Ridge is important, October 9ths game in Minico could determine who will be the conference leader.