What Does our Student Body President Think of Jerome High School?


“It’s better to be nice then to make up for being mean” – Drake Driscoll 

Jerome High School- Drake Driscoll decided to run for student body president because he “fell in love with doing activities and wanted to be involved in a bigger role and help the school.” The qualifications Driscoll has and thinks makes a good student body president are “hearing everyone in the room and listening to everyone’s opinion.” He wanted to run for this position because of the “social aspect of after school activities.” Driscoll mentioned that “if a person knows they want to run for the position they need to know that they need to be prepared for a lot of work but also that everyone in the class has a fun time and it’s just a great time. “ He also pointed out that a person’s time has to be flexible for this position. 

Driscoll believes the environment in the school would be better if people would not judge others and not divide each other. “ Be nice to everyone without having hate” It really says a lot about him. Driscoll doesn’t pick sides and has a neutral opinion about things. According to Driscoll being brave “Doing the right thing no matter who is watching and sometimes you have to say no to the people you love.” Right now Driscoll is focusing on charity work for a couple of months. “Track and field and Cross Country” is something that Driscoll enjoys doing at school. He’s also hoping that they can “do all the other activities that he didn’t get to do last year,” apparently everything is held for the second semester.

Being the student body president means he does early planning because they like staying ahead. Driscoll has said “ We can’t really plan ahead right now because of the entire thing going on with Covid, so we are on hold until December hopefully. We would have already been planning everything for prom,” Driscoll said. “The student body figures out the activities when we go to districts where we all learn ideas from other different schools.” If a person wants to run for the student body president Driscoll mentions “It’s not hard unless you don’t do any work in the class and you also have to have at least a 3.2 to run for student body and a 3.0 for Junior class”