Jerricho James “Do As Much Sports As Possible. You’ll Make Good Bonds And Friendships That Will Bring You Good Memories.”


Jerricho James

“Do As Much Sports As Possible. You’ll Make Good Bonds And Friendships That Will  Bring You Good Memories.”

Jerome High School- Jerricho James, a hardworking student, won the Scholar Of The Week from Capital Education Credit Union. James won this title after Mrs. Gilmore, his counselor, nominated him for being, “exceptional, honest, sweet, and hardworking.” It’s true that he is an exceptional student. He has 4.0 GPA, works a full time job, and is football captain. James’s counselor is proud of him receiving this title because she knows he worked hard, even though he was surprised when he got news that he was nominated and chosen. To receive this title a student needs to be nominated by an administrator, then that name needs to be given to the CapEd Credit Union and the newspaper who manage and fund Scholar Of The Week. The name is then mixed with the names of other students of other schools, finally, one name is pulled out.

Mrs. Rachel James, single mother of Jerricho, also shows pride in her son’s accomplishment, “We (James’ family) are proud of him because he worked hard for it.” James has an older sister and a younger brother, whom Jerricho helps with his homework. Jerricho has a full-time job to help his mother financially. Despite this, Jerricho still finds time exercising, by waking up early and lifting weights and playing football. To make sure his grades aren’t falling behind he spends one to two hours some nights studying or finishing homework. In general, his entire family truly believes he deserved this title because he worked hard for it and it’s incredible that he finds a balance between school, work and sports.

James himself feels honored and proud that he was chosen as Scholar Of The Week. “It’s cool and exciting.” James said when asked about how he felt receiving this title. James also expressed his family was happy for him. When asked if he had advice for those students who were considering giving up sports or school activities, or school in general, he said, “Do as much sports as possible. You’ll make good bonds and friendships that will bring you good memories.” When he graduates Jerome High School he plans on studying emergency medicine to help out other people. He has also considered other jobs like firefighter and first responder, jobs that involve helping people who are in danger or in need.