Ms. Sabotka “… the biggest role model in Jerome High School.”


Jerome High School- Mrs. Sabotka is the French teacher for Jerome High School. She has been a teacher for 15 years. She says teaching is something she has always loved to do. Before she worked at Jerome High School she taught at Canyon side Christian School. She also has taught Spanish and World Languages at Magic Valley Christian High School. Sabotka is a very positive role model for students and other teachers. When asked why she chose to teach French she says “I fell in love with this beautiful language,” she started learning French at the age of 12 with help of amazing teachers. She decided to teach French to also help others learn this language that she loves so much.  When asked if she didn’t teach French she says “I would probably teach Spanish, English or government history.” However, when she’s not teaching she likes to stay active. Her favorite things to do outside of school are travel, ride horses and motorcycles, play tennis, garden and her all time favorite thing to do is spend time with her dad and her family. Sabotka is in a family of six people. Her husband Steve, her daughter Samantha and her daughters husband Brandon and their two children Jaxon and Jaidyn.  She also has three dogs and horses. She says she considers her animals more than animals she considers them her family. When asked what her favorite animal is she says “ I love most animals but dogs and horses have to be my choices.” Sabotka role models are her mom and dad. Her mom whom she misses dearly everyday who was a big inspiration and an angel on earth. She also says her dad as well because he was a great teacher, athlete, coach and he served in the army. He still inspires her everyday to work very hard and to help others. Her thoughts on Covid-19 is that she hates it. She is sick of it all and wishes it could just end. She wishes it never happened in the first place. Sabotka says she wishes that it would just go away. She says when it first got announced she would have never thought it would go on for this long and be this serious. When asked how she feels about having to wear masks everywhere she says “ I hate it but I would rather keep everyone safe wearing it than without.” Sabotka cares about everyone’s safety during this global pandemic. Flor Encinas is quoted saying “ Mrs. Sabotka is always a positive part of everyday life. She can constantly make everyone’s mood change in seconds. That’s what I love most about her. Being so positive in class makes me more ready for class and to learn. She is a teacher I will also cherish and remember because her positive attitude towards everything and everyone around her. She in my eyes is the biggest role model in Jerome High School.”