Senior Night: An Early Goodbye


Senior Night: An Early Goodbye 



On Friday, October 2nd, 2020 Jerome Highschool celebrated their seniors in football, dance, cheer and band with Senior Night. The football team faced off against Mountain Home. Dance and cheer showed their support for the team, and the band provided the soundtrack for the game with energetic pep tunes. The first senior celebration ceremony was for the football team before the game at 6:30. Escorted by their family, friends, or loved ones the seniors walked through the tunnel created by cheer and dance while Mr. Burton announced their future plans and read a short anecdote given by the student. Shortly after the ceremony was kickoff and Jerome jumped to a quick lead, scoring a touchdown within the first minute of the game with a 51 yard pass from senior QB Dalan Thompson to WR Colten Elison, a junior. After this, everything went downhill for Mountain Home as Jerome racked up the points. The Jerome Tigers had a huge first quarter scoring 27 points and by halftime the Jerome tigers held a hefty lead of 37 to zip. 

During halftime the Seniors in dance, cheer, and band had their ceremony. Like the football team, they walked through the tunnel with their escorts as their fans and underclassmen cheered them on, many of them with tears in their eyes. When asked about what she thought about being a senior and the ceremony that was put on, Molly Kay, a senior band member said  “I don’t want to leave, I’m just so used to this norm of getting up and going to school here. As for the senior night, I kinda wish there had been more to it but don’t get me wrong I’m extremely grateful they finally included band in something”. Many fans said that they were very appreciative of dance, band, and cheer and everything they do at the games. 

After halftime concluded, Jerome went right back at it scoring another touchdown in the third quarter while continuing to shut down Mountain Home keeping them stuck with a zero on the scoreboard. Mountain Home would finally score in the fourth quarter, also completing a two point conversion putting them at 8 points. The game ended with a blowout of 41-8. The spirits were high both on the field and in the stands as the game concluded. The Seniors had a big game, Dalan Thomson with 235 passing yards and 5 touchdowns and fellow senior Shaylor Bingham with 5 receptions and 98 receiving yards. When asked about the game Coach Gambles, the head coach of Jerome said “the boys had an amazing night”. 

Senior night was a success according to various students and fans. The JHS student section was riled up and the stands were full as Jerome said goodbye to its seniors.