Promote Tolerance at JHS


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High school is said to be one of the most memorable times in a person’s life, and everyone’s high school experience is unique to them. There are people who play sports, others who participate in band, choir, speech, and/or any other extracurricular activity offered at JHS. Then there are people who work full time jobs because they have to support their families. Because there are so many differences within our student body, nobody knows everyone. Each individual has a different backstory, financial situation, mental state, home life, and confidence level. The problem is that people think they know everything about everyone. They see someone walking down the hall with a smile on their face, so they automatically think they are happy. When in reality that person could be holding back tears because they feel like they don’t matter or that they aren’t enough. This type of situation happens way too often. We assume things and judge people constantly. People that we see maybe once a day, once in our lifetime, or people we have never even had a conversation with. These assumptions and judgements are not okay, and they are making people not want to come to school or go out in public in general. We, as a school, should make acceptance a priority. Acceptance of one another no matter how different or similar we may be. Acceptance of each other’s flaws and imperfections. Acceptance of people’s styles and actions. Acceptance of who you are as well as who every person you pass in the hallways is. If we, as a school, strive to accept everyone, then we can create a much more enjoyable environment. More students will want to come to school, try new things, and learn because they will no longer feel the judgement that radiates from our school walls. There are people in our school who are being judged daily for the simplest things such as, the way they walk, run, talk, laugh, think, dress, and anything else you can think of. This judgement is unnecessary and cruel. On top of all of that judgement, a lot of people can barely even get out of their beds in the morning because they hate themselves for not being the “ideal” person that society accepts. If JHS makes the commitment to stop this kind of judgement and to realize that everyone struggles then we would be a better school and community. More people would feel at home here at JHS and in Jerome if it was a judgement free zone. If it was a place where you don’t have to hide your true self, and instead get to be proud of who you are. Let’s stop judging everyone and start accepting them for how amazing they are, and Jerome would be a place nobody could forget.