Dress Code: “Distraction is simply an excuse.”


Getty Images/iStockphoto

Someone filling out Dress Code Agreement.

Why is the dress code here at JHS ridiculous. We are not allowed to wear ripped jeans with holes above the knee, even if it is the tiniest rip. Why is our education interrupted because the teachers believe our clothes are not appropriate? As a student I simply do not care what my fellow classmates wear to class because I am too busy focusing on my school work, as I should. So labeling our choice of fashion as a “distraction” is simply an excuse. Is it our fault that myself and other girls in this school cannot wear a skirt or jeans with holes above the knee or show our shoulders because apparently that makes us a distraction? We come to school to learn so why can’t that be the focus of the teachers instead of our clothing? “Boys will be boys”, we have all heard that phrase but it does not have to be that way. Girls specifically are targeted when it comes to the dress code. If ‘boys’ are distracted by the way we dress then why don’t they get sent home to fix their behavior instead of us.