Mr. Fernandez “I Want Them To Reach That A-ha! Moment”


Jerome High School- Mr. Fernandez, a National Guardsman and a teacher, is a positive and funny man. “He is always positive and supportive.” Mrs. Raley said, his co-teacher and friend, “he’s fun, yet responsible.” It’s true, everytime anyone sees him he is always smiling and ready to tell a joke. He will always help out a student in need. He will even get close with the lonely and quiet students and have fun with them, of course he makes sure that all the work is finished first. He makes learning fun and understandable for everyone.

He is a patient teacher that is willing to explain a subject a million times to make you understand. When asked about how he feels around Fernandez, Michael Romero said, “I feel comfortable. He’s really patient and I feel confident with my English abilities.” Micheal is one of the many students Mr. Fernandez helps out with his English. Mr. Fernandez’s job is to help students with difficulties with the English language, hence why he spends a lot of his time with the Hispanic children.

The inspiration that got Mr. Fernandez to become a teacher were the students themselves. “I want them to reach that A-ha! Moment.” Mr. Fernandez said. He wants the students to connect with the subject that they are being teached. Besides being a teacher, he used to be in the National Guard, a service that he is proud of. “It was awesome.” he said when asked of how the military was for him. His advice to those who are thinking about joining any branch of the military is that you should join with the purpose of learning new things. It should be a time where you should expect hardships, but you’ll make strong bonds with those around you.