BSU Football and COVID-19

“ I wish it had been over by now but I’m glad we are keeping the season on but I hope everyone stays safe, I just want what’s best for our fans.”

BSU Football and COVID-19

Boise- Boise State University has had a rough start to the season. Along with every other football team in the league, they have been fighting with the struggle of Covid-19. Not sure whether they are going to be having a season, Boise State Football has been working extra hard everyday getting into shape. This is especially hard due to Covid 19, having to take as many precautions as possible to not get infected with the virus. Since Boise State is trying to take precautions the state made a rule to where there can not be large crowds, which means Boise Football doesn’t have any fans cheering them on the entire game. 

Covid 19 has been a worldwide struggle. It has affected many national sports as well as schools all over the world. The coaches at Boise State University have said as long as every team in the league takes this seriously they will be able to have a season. They will need to do everything in their power to stay sanitized. Players have been quoted saying “Our safety is our number 1 priority right now. If that means cancel the season then so be it. As long as our team stays safe and healthy that is all that matters.” This shows how much family truly matters to the coaches as well as players on the Boise State Football team. 

Due to the circumstances of Covid 19, the Boise guidelines have stated that there may not be any fans or crowds of people in the stands. This will affect a lot of people including, the players, fans and coaches as well. It affects the players because some of them depend on fans cheering them on, it gives them confidence to play better and give it their all every season. Along with players it affects the fans because they don’t get to see the game in person. They have to watch it virtually which isn’t the same. Especially the fans that take football to heart, they go to the games to support the team that they have been supporting for a long time. Coaches basically depend on fans to cheer their team on. It takes a lot to carry a team and fans support is a big part of carrying a team.

Interviewing BSU’s Bob Carney we asked how COVID-19 has affected this year’s season for them. He said “It’s definitely different than any other year we’ve had but we are managing to push through it.” When asked if COVID-19 has made this season harder he says “ It is harder but we are willing to do what we can to have a season and not let any of our fans down.” When asked his thoughts and opinions on COVID-19 Bob Carney says “ I wish it had been over by now but i’m glad we are keeping the season on but I hope everyone stays safe, I just want what’s best for our fans.