Out Of Control Flies


Stephen Ausmus_USDA-ARS

   Is climate change the reason for all the flies? Have you noticed that there are a lot more flies than usual? Part of that reason is because there are more , but no one knows the real reason. Ian Robertson, a biology professor, and an insect ecologist at Boise State University says “ Flies like the warm weather, all summer they’ve been enjoying the great outdoors, and breeding. There’s a new generation in ever couple of weeks, and each is bigger than the last.” 

     Since it’s been so warm, flies have those couple months after summer to continue what they do. So could that be one of the reasons there are so many flies? Local dairy man Pedro Coelho says “Flies will harass both you, and your livestock non-stop until something is done. Another reason to control flies on a farm is to prevent the spreads of disease. As temperatures continue to rise, so do the number of flies as they tend to thrive in moist, but also warm environments. Flies like stuff that’s dirty like cow manure.  Flies love and crave fresh manure, and the longer it sits the more time there is for flies to lay eggs, and complete a life cycle.” 

    What they’re trying to say is that flies have more time to breed because of climate change, and that the more manure we have around flies are going to continue to grow, and be a bother. So, people think it is mainly climate change as to why we do have so many flies, but there are certain benefits from them. For example, flies feed on aphids that feed in gardeners, and farmers plants, and crops that they grow. They feed in mainly moth caterpillars, and beetle grubs. Flies that are in one specified area at once can be a bad sign of something either dead or rotten. Also fly infestations happen all the time in the summer, in houses that are clean. On average, fly infestations can last up to 20-25 days. When flies hover around humans, it doesn’t necessarily mean that that person is dirty. Flies love all human flesh, and thrive off of that because our dead skin gives them nutrients. As much as flies are annoying, and hard to get rid of, they do give some people things to help benefit the world.