Laurin Hanni- “My biggest role model is myself”


Jerome High School- Laurin Hanni is a student and the dance team captain at Jerome High School. Laurin Hanni is a senior and she just turned 17. Laurin like any other high school student has a lot of work but still manages to partake in school activities like dance. Laurin loves to dance and has for a long time. She started dancing at just a young age of 9 years old. When asked why she likes dance she says, “I enjoy dancing because I can express emotions that are sometimes too hard to speak out loud.” Her favorite things to do in school are being a leader in her classes to set good examples for everyone and when she’s done with her work she likes playing a game called Among Us. When asked what are her favorite activities she says, “I enjoy graphic design, calligraphy, drawing and writing. When I’m not busy my artistic side definitely shines through me.” Her favorite color is periwinkle, but she also likes blue tones.

Laurin is the middle child in her family. She has three older sisters and two younger brothers. We asked her who her biggest role model is and she said, “I don’t have very many good experiences with people, so I would say myself. I’ve been through a lot of tough experiences and I’m still alive and pushing through. So to myself I’m my  biggest role model.” What motivates Laurin to work hard is others. Laurin is a very empathic person. When she looks around and sees everyone’s hardships it makes it that much easier for her to push through. She works hard so that others have less stress on themselves. She says, “Love one another, it’s simple.” We asked Laurin where she sees herself in 10 years and she says, “not to sound basic, but I would love to have a family, maybe a few kids. I want to start fresh. I want to be able to create something for myself that I should’ve had my entire life.”

Alia Castaneda says, “this is my second year dancing with Laurin. I’ve learned that she is a super sweet girl. She always pushes everyone to do their best and I really like that quality about her. Dancing with her is always fun. Overall Laurin is a great dancer and captain to us all.” Dancer Michelle Aguilar says, “Laurin is an amazing person. The best captain, teammate and friend. She is always there for everyone and that is a reason why I look up to here. She’s been working so hard dancing since her freshman year. Now her hard work is paying off and she’s achieving her goals. Laurin is an amazing person and always has a smile on her face. I wouldn’t want anyone else to be our captain. She’s a role model for all of us on the dance team.”