Girl’s Basketball Is On


JHS– Despite the rising numbers of COVID, Girl’s Basketball is still going to happen. The basketball coach, Mr. Musgrave, said “hopefully we get to play since other sports, like cross country and football, are doing pretty good.” It is planned that basketball goes on as scheduled, however, there has been an increase of COVID cases in Idaho recently. There has even been rumors among the students that the school might have to enter Red, meaning that all students won’t be allowed to attend school physically. This affects the basketball team as tryout haven’t even began and it would mean that it would have to be put on hold or cancelled.

If the school doesn’t enter Red, then that would be good news for female athletes interested in basketball. “Tryouts begin on November 2nd.” Mr. Musgrave has informed when asked about the start date of the sport, “Then we play against Nampa on the 14th on the same month.” The team is expected to be filled with new players, except for a couple returnees. “They are expected to act as leaders and examples.” Mr. Musgrave said when asked what the roles of these returning players were.

Since the basketball team is going to be mostly made up of new players, they will have to train hard for their upcoming game. Mr. Musgrave answered with a simple, “yes” when asked if he has confidence for his new team’s performance. As expected of Musgrave, always straight to the point like any other coach of a school sport. Which is great, because Mr. Musgrave is a great teacher that can make any student respect him without actually trying.