Adam Lambert and Queen: “Freddie Would Be Proud”

Adam Lambert and Queen: “Freddie Would Be Proud”

Queen has been around since 1970. They have released the most iconic songs the world has known. Their songs have been in movies such as “Wayne’s World,” “Highlander (1-5),” and, “Iron Man 2.” However when they performed in 1970- the 1980’s, they weren’t really all that popular. They mainly toured in Europe and that side of the world. Queen became a big thing in America after their performance in LIVE AID. It was a live and international show that put money towards the Ethopian famine. 

After the unfortunate passing of Freddie Mercury on November 24th, 1991, the band’s other guitarist, John Deacon, left the band. Brain May has said that John is still a part of the business side of Queen, but chooses to stay out of the limelight. He even stayed out of Queen’s induction into the hall of fame in 2001. It was like they didn’t just lose one brother, they lost two. 


Adam Lambert has brought a new sound to Queen. According to Brian May, lead guitarist of Queen, “Adam has brought new blood into the band. He’s a young brother.”  We all know that Adam could never replace legend, Freddie Mercury, he even knows this. Adam has told multiple people that he doesn’t try to imitate Freddie, he wants to put his own twist to the memorable songs of Queen. 

Adam Lambert was first noticed when he auditioned for American Idol, in 2009. Ironically, he performed Bohemian Rhapsody. He has even performed with KISS on May 20th, of 2009 before his debut with Queen as their main singer, in 2011, and is still with them today.

How was Adam chosen for being the leading man for Queen? Brian May had this to say about that, “By 2009 we were well into the age of dominance of social media – but also of ‘Idol’ type TV talent shows. I suddenly started getting messages saying: ‘There is this incredible guy on American Idol who has sung one of your songs in the competition, and looks like he may win the whole season.’

So I immediately checked out YouTube to find out what was going on; and, sure enough, there was this amazing young chap singing Bohemian Rhapsody – Adam Lambert. And it was evident that he was something completely out of the ordinary. And into my inbox came a deluge of people saying, ‘You must get together with this guy; he is the natural successor to Freddie; he is the guy you should be touring with.’  

Then we got a call, Roger and I, inviting us to come and play in LA on American Idol, with the two finalists, one of whom was Adam. So we went over and did our live dramatic heroic entrance with these two boys, and it really was a fun experience. They were both good singers and both had a good presence on stage, and it was easy to interact with them. But it was really blindingly obvious that there was a chemistry already between us and Adam. It just happened completely naturally and made us all smile. The public reaction was massive, and so I think from that moment the idea of us working with Adam was seeded in our brains.”

  Some people have been sceptical about Adam joining Queen. While others think that he is doing an amazing job. Cynthia Gibson, an old time fan of Queen, spoke her feelings on Adam Lambert and Queen. “I think he [Adam Lambert] is doing a great job. I think they were lucky to find him, so they could keep going.” According to, Queen’s most popular song is Bohemian Rhapsody. When we asked Ms. Gibson, she even said her favorite song was Bohemian Rhapsody because “it is so different.”

Adam Lambert and Queen are doing very well. They have an album that is their live shows, and it is topping music charts! They are doing well and according to many music magazines, “Freddie would be proud.”