Will Jerome Schools go Into Orange?


Jerome- Jerome School District has been in yellow since the beginning of the school year obviously because of this global wide deadly pandemic known as the Coronavirus. The Coronavirus has killed over one million people worldwide and there have been over 37 million cases total. Idaho has been lower in cases but cases are starting to soar.

 We asked freshman Amie McCreary her opinion on the Jerome School District possibly going into orange standards regarding the Coronavirus and she said,  “ I honestly don’t think it will do anything except interfere with students and their learning. They do as much as they can to keep us in public school already and all we do to prevent us from getting the virus is wear masks. Our chances of getting it from school are just as high as getting it from any public event or place. I personally think that the Jerome School District should keep all students in school because how are we going to succeed in life without the proper education we get from going to public school five days a week? The answer is that we won’t get a good education from doing things from home, online. Some students, including me struggle with learning online and some kids don’t even have the internet to use their electronic devices to do schoolwork online.”  

The Jerome School District makes masks mandatory in all of the schools, unless you have a breathing issue or illness that makes it to where you have to have a doctor’s note to not be required to wear a mask. We aren’t looking too good as of right now on the partial closing of school because more and more kids every day are getting sick with the virus and are spreading it to their nearby classmates. 

Since there have been numerous deaths and cases from Covid-19, the school board thinks that the most fortunate choice for the staff and students is to keep them as safe as possible instead of putting their lives at risk.