Yellowstone National Park and Nurse Respond to 3 year Old Getting Injured



Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming- On October 9th 2020 at 11:39 a child suffered second degree burns on her lower body and her back. The Public Affairs Office already had the answers ready for our questions. First off the three year old took off running from the track and the incident occurred near the Fountain Freight Road, near Midway Geyser Basin, said the public office. We also asked a Registered Nurse Erin Keller. We asked her how bad 2nd degree thermal burns affected a 3 year old and she said ¨ She will need treatment at a burn center, the treatment would depend where the burns are located. Where the burns are located on her the treatment would be very painful for her.¨ The public affairs office has an article on their website and it says ¨ The child was life-flighted to the Burn Center at Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center.¨ Gibson said ¨ Treatment for burns can be very painful. Infection can become a problem so the burns need to be cleaned and scrubbed.

There are different treatments after you received first aid for a major burn like the little girls. There isn’t much say on the child only that the incident is under investigation. Keller said ¨If the burn area is large, especially if it covers any joints, you may need physical therapy exercises.¨ We asked the Public Affairs Office about another visitor ¨ In May of this year a visitor (who illegally entered the park) fell into a thermal feature at Old Faithful while backing up and taking photos. In September 2019, a man suffered severe burns after falling into thermal water near the cone of Old Faithful Geyser. In June 2017, a man sustained severe burns after falling in a hot spring in the Lower Geyser Basin. In June 2016 a man left the boardwalk and died after slipping into a hot spring in Norris Geyser Basin. In August 2000, one person died and two people received severe  burns from falling into a hot spring in the Lower Geyser Basin. We asked Keller if the healing would take longer on a toddler than and adult and she said ¨ Healing is going to depend on the severity of the burn and what they have to do to help preserve her skin and if she is going to have multiple surgeries.¨ We also asked the public office what some of the caution people should take while walking around the thermal areas ¨Always walk on boardwalks and designated Always walk on boardwalks and designated trails. Keep children close and do not let them run on boardwalks. Do not touch thermal features or runoff, Swimming or soaking in hot springs is prohibited. More than 20 people have died from burns suffered after they entered or fell into Yellowstone’s hot springs, Pets are prohibited in thermal areas, Do not throw objects into hot springs or other hydrothermal features., Toxic gases may accumulate to dangerous levels in some hydrothermal areas. If you begin to feel sick while exploring one of our geyser basins, leave the area immediately.