Jade Winson: President of the Game Club and Aspiring Percussionist 




Jerome- Jade Winson is a senior here at Jerome High School.  One of his favorite activities to participate in here at the school is game club, which he is the president of. Jade has been part of the game club all four years of his highschool career. He even participated a little bit when he was in middle school. Game club participates in many different activities and they even have tournaments. They play classic board and card games such as Dungeons and Dragons and Magic along with video games. Super Smash Bros is a favorite among this year’s group. Jade personally prefers board games, one of his favorites being the classic D&D. The attendance for the game club has fluctuated over the years but currently they get about a steady 15 kids and during tournaments sometimes even 40. Game club has all sorts of tournaments, when asked to explains what goes on during tournaments Mr Peterson, a teacher at Jerome High School who helps out with game club, said “We usually do a magic tournament each time a new set comes out, those are really fun, we usually get about 14 kids coming out for those. But I think the biggest events have always been the Smash Brothers tournaments, we get a couple TVs, we do a whole day of seeding matches to put them into a seeded bracket. Those are really fun to watch, especially the finals because most people stick around and we get like 20 people around a tv and when someone gets eliminated everybody cheers and stuff. I think it gets a lot of kids who don’t normally get to perform in front of a crowd a chance to show off their skills to other kids.” These tournaments require time and effort to put together and Mr Baker, head of the game club, Jade, and others work hard and donate their time to make the tournaments an enjoyable experience for everyone there. 

Mr Baker, a teacher at Jerome High School and head of the game club has been doing it for about 4 years, it was approved in 2016. His duties and responsibilities fall to the president of the club, Jade, when he is not around. Also, when the club schedules what games they are going to play on certain days, Jade oversees that and makes the final decision after hearing the opinions of the other club members. Game club is an enjoyable, and fairly popular club despite the little recognition it gets. Another aspect of it that makes it so appealing is that the kids get to decide what goes on, what happens in the club follows whatever the  students interests are and that freedom to do what you enjoy and share that enjoyment with other people with similar interests with you is refreshing for just about anybody. 

Aside from Game Club, Jade also does drumline. Which he is very passionate about, saying that on a normal day he usually just goes home and practices all the time. Jade had done drumline for the school all throughout high school and also in middle school. He plans to pursue drumming after high school as well. When asked about his plans after highschool he said “ I was planning on going to CSI to get all the required classes I need so I can transfer over to ISU where I would learn more as a percussionist.”