COVID Outbreak in the 9th Grade: What is Wrong with the Freshmen?


We interviewed Ryan Evans and a freshman Ivan Ruvalcaba. We asked Evans if he thinks we are going to go into orange or red because of this and he said ¨Honestly there are two reasons we are able to stay in yellow is because our hospitals aren’t overwhelmed and we don’t have community spread in the school¨ his reasons are ¨ so whenever someone gets covid, the health department tries to trace it to see where the person got it and so far from what I have been told they haven’t been able to trace anyone that got it from being at the highschool. As long as no one gets it from here we are able to stay in yellow, that could change. I’m not an expert but that’s all I know as of right now.¨ The next question we asked if he thinks since the freshmen are younger they don’t fully understand the impact of wearing a mask? He said ¨ I think the younger a person gets often times they understand reasons but the older they get they understand social responsibility.¨ 

Evans response to asking if the freshman should get an assembly personally to them was ¨ So because of the entire social distancing thing we can’t really do, but I do know that Mr. Tracy has gone to great lengths to communicate to all students but especially he had opportunities while everyone else was taking the SAT and PSAT they did have an opportunity to address masks and social distancing and everything else and we always try to address things heavier with freshmen since they are brand new to the school.¨ We asked him why does he think some freshmans don’t wear masks and he said ¨”to be honest with you i haven’t noticed that it’s more freshmen not wearing a mask or putting it under their nose but i think when people in general whether its a freshman or a senior that pull their mask off or don’t wear it you have different opinions throughout the community that thinks masks are necessary and the other half that thinks that they are not and so i think some people don’t wear their mask because they think it’s not necessary or they will pull it off because it bothers them and they cant breathe and so i think that there’s a lot of reasons why so i don’t think that there is any one group that isn’t wearing a mask more than another.¨ Our last question for Evans was if he thought it would be better for us to go to orange or red so no one gets covid from the school, his response was ¨ That’s a tough question because the best thing if we don’t consider covid the best thing for kids is to be in person, there is a higher failure rate for kids studying online and that was true before covid, kids tend to be more successful to be in person teaching but at the same time we want to keep everyone safe and as long as there is no community spread here i’d like to keep the students here.¨ We asked a freshman Ivan Ruvalacaba questions as well. We asked Ruvalacaba if he thought some freshmen try to act cool by not wearing their masks and he said ¨ I do think freshmans do try to act cool by not wearing their masks.¨  Ruvalacabas response to our question if freshmen should care about wearing a mask ¨ I think freshmans should care about wearing a mask so we can keep our school district open.¨ Our last question to Ruvalacaba was if the people he is friends with wear their masks properly and he said ¨ Yes, all of my friends wear their masks like they are supposed to.¨