Why Are There So Many Mexicans Living In Jerome?


Jerome- Despite being further away from their homeland, many Mexicans settle in Jerome, Idaho. According to the Idaho Commission on Hispanic Affairs 7,944 Hispanics live in Jerome, in a city of 23,000 inhabitants. That means that 34.5% of those who live in Idaho are mostly Mexicans. Of course, not every Hispanic is Mexican. Only that Mexican makes the majority of the Hispanic community in Jerome County. 

There are a multitude of reasons why Mexicans decided to immigrate to the US. These reasons include: to escape poverty, violence, and government corruption. Poverty is a major problem and, according to the Mexican government, 42% of its citizens live below the national poverty line. It also doesn’t help that most children drop out at secondary school to help support their families, leading to many failing to find good paying jobs. Violence has always been a national problem, which is caused by the cartels who have used drug trafficking, human extortion, and various other illegal methods to earn easy money. “Families also have the blame on the violence. Killers, drug addicts, and human traffickers all come from a family that had no respect for life or good character.” Mrs. Blanca Estella said, a Mexican immigrant who’s been living in Idaho for 20 years. The Mexican government’s role in this is simple: don’t do anything useful. It has and is still ineffective to fight against these crime syndicates and the poverty that plagues the country. According to Estella, “Mexico has always been a violent country in which its leaders benefit from the people. It should be the people benefitting from the government instead. But of course, that doesn’t happen”. Which leads to the reason why Mexicans immigrate, either legally or illegally, to the US.

 Estella says, “I came here to search for a better future for me and my family.” The Mexican businesses here attract other immigrants, it eases their worries by seeing something familiar and makes it easier for them to adapt to their new environment. Jerome is an agricultural county, with many dairy job openings, which is great for immigrants searching for a job. “It’s easy to find a job here, mostly because of the great amount of dairies. Except in 2008, it was really hard to find a job anywhere during that depression.” Estella answered when asked about job opportunities for the average immigrant. Jerome, like any other place in Idaho, is cheap to live in. It’s not like in California, where it’s hard to live there because it’s a very expensive place. Another reason why so many Mexicans are attracted to Jerome County is because it’s a peaceful and quiet place to raise a family. Crime rates are one of the lowest in the country and one can easily trust a stranger. “I admire the security and economic power of the US. I’m thankful to God and this nation for providing me my job and child who was born here.” Estella said. She is currently working at construction, fixing houses and making animal cages.