Coronavirus Infecting More


Jerome-  Over the past few weeks, the Coronavirus has gotten worse. According to the New York Times there are “at least 929 new coronavirus deaths and 60,598 new cases that were reported in the United States on Oct. 20.” In mid-August, the 62 largest counties were responsible for most of the cases. But, now the smaller counties are the reason the cases are so high. There have been about 41,088,902 cases throughout the world since the Coronavirus has started and approximately there have been about 1,128,701 deaths all over the world that were caused by the Coronavirus. 

When asked if she thinks the number of cases will progress when winter comes, Amber Lineberry, the Jerome district’s nurse said,”I do believe the more contact that we have with each other the cases will go up. I think the bigger issue is the severity. The more people that contract the virus, that’s when things need to change. We (Jerome district) just know that if we contact more people, the virus will spread.” 

The South Central Health District met October 21, 2020, to vote on wearing masks in public mandatory. Hospital officials were at the meeting and pleaded to the South Central Health District, stating the number of covid patients has increased and hospitals are at max capacity. However, the board refused in a 5 to 4 vote. 

The South Central Health District board did vote in favor of limiting public gatherings to 50 or less. Religious organizations, schools, tax districts, non-profits, and grocery stores are exempt from this. 

Magic Valley’s St. Luke officials said in recent weeks the Magic Valley has seen a large spike. Hospital officials report that 20% or 1 in 5 of covid tests in the recent weeks have been positive. 

What does this mean to our local community? Kaitlyn Griner, an employee at a Jerome nursing home, commented on the impact that the residents are experiencing due to Covid, and the rise of positive cases.  “As a precaution, we check staff temperatures as soon as we enter the building and masks are mandatory at all times, but especially when administering resident care”.  At this time, residents are not allowed to have visitors.  The nursing home has encouraged visitors though, through the outside windows.

“Most of the residents looked forward to family visits, so it does sadden them that they are not able to have their family come inside and visit.  The residents, and the staff are all hoping that this ends soon so they can get back to normal.”  Griner commented. 
What is the answer or cure? Masks, handwashing and sanitizer are helping but not stopping the spread.  The high school currently has 15 positive covid cases and a whole cheer team quarantined. The effects of this pandemic will be long lasting.