Should We Go Into Orange?

Should We Go Into Orange?

Jerome- The school district should go into orange. This is because a lot of kids are already doing online school because the school made them quarantine. It would just be easier for the teachers and students to just go into orange. As of Tuesday, October 28, there were a total of 53 cases in the Jerome school district. There have been 2 at Horizon elementary, 1 at JEEP/kindergarten Horizon campus, 6 at Jefferson elementary, 6 at Summit elementary, 8 at the Jerome middle school, 4 at Falls City Academy, 22 at the Jerome High School, and 4 at the district office/maintenance. You can find this information on the Jerome schools district website. 

We interviewed Nakayla Thornton, a student at Jerome High School, and she agreed that we should go into orange. “It’ll stop the spread because there won’t be as many children.” she said. She also brought up that she doesn’t think that students will keep their grades up if we go into orange because they will have more freedom. We agree with her but if the students want to graduate they need to do their classes to get credits. Gary Elsensohn a teacher at Jerome high school says “If we do go into orange the students will be held accountable for their work.” 

Jerome schools have been preparing students and teachers if we do move into orange. Teachers have been preparing for 2 weeks in advance just in case we go into orange any day. We come to learn, we shouldn’t come being worried about getting the Coronavirus. Students and staff were told to be prepared to move into orange. The next risk assessment will be released on November 5,2020, on whether we go into orange or not. Seeing how the cases are still increasing, we will most likely go into orange. If we do go into orange, then all of the schools in the Jerome district will go into hybrid learning. Hybrid learning is combining face-to-face with online learning. So, half of the students will go on Mondays and Thursdays and the other half will go on Tuesdays and Fridays. 

In our opinion, we think going into orange will help slow the coronavirus down. If we do go into orange, it’ll help decrease the cases. Going into hybrid learning will help us all at the Jerome schools social distance more since there won’t be as many kids. Also, if there happens to be an outbreak, there will be less students that are exposed to the coronavirus. Another thing is that since there will be less students, teachers can help more students reach their personal goals and give them a chance to actually understand a lesson.  

Obviously there are many reasons on why it would be a good idea to go into hybrid learning. But, by next week on November 5, we should know whether or not we’re going to go into orange.