Tik Tok Famous


Lexi Ramsey- Lexi is a Jerome High School student who is as they say “Tik Tok’ famous. She has over 25 thousand followers, closer to 26. We asked Lexi herself some questions about what she thinks about the app itself and her followers, and she said this. “Tik Tok is very addicting and I am on it all of the time. I think it is cool that I have so many followers and that there are opportunities for everyone to become famous over a free application. Tik Tok is definitely my favorite social media app as of right now and it is also one of the most popular ones out there. I do think that there are perverts on the app spying on us minors, but I have checked my followers and the majority of them are girls. Overall, Tik Tok is a pretty safe app and they usually catch the people doing bad stuff on the platform. But if I do have people on my Tik Tok account following me and I don’t know if they’re a bad person or not, I usually do not stress about it.”

As Lexi was saying, the app is super popular, so it would make a lot of sense if they check the app frequently for people posting or doing inappropriate things on the app. Tik Tok has over 1 billion downloads. For every 10 views on Tik Tok, you can choose to earn one cent. “My followers have been slowing down a lot after my one video blew up earlier this year. My followers go up every time a video of mine gets the attention it needs to be considered “Famous” or “Popular.” as Lexi said.

“The current pandemic going on definitely interfered with my Tik Tok usage. I was on it all the time and would make so many videos just in one day. Because of this, I made so many followers because of my dancing and lip syncing videos. I try to follow all of the trends so that I have more of a chance of getting on the “For You Page”. Tik Tok always puts the good quality videos on the For You Page.”

Lexi is not just a Tik Tok star, but she is also an amazing athlete. She plays basketball and softball. Covid also affected Lexi’s sports because once everything shut down, the state wasn’t allowed to host sporting events. Once things opened back up, she got back into her sports again but it still wasn’t the same. People had to social distance and not as many people could go and watch. 

Lexi plays sports all year round and pushes herself to the limit. She is a hard working, young woman and she will be very successful in life. Lexi’s sports and Lexi’s Tik Tok also have things in common. She is well known for her softball skills and doing Tik Tok dances before he softball practices. That was our Student of the Week, Lexi Ramsey.