JHS Tigerettes: “Thrilling” The Audience


Jerome High School- The night of the 30th, Jerome High School’s Tiger Football were playing hard. It was a tough game. Then halftime came around, the sound of a creaking door made the crowd turn their attention to midfield. “Zombies” crawled their way out from underneath the bleachers and onto the field. When Michael Jackson’s Thriller started to play, the crowd cheered! The dancers twitched their way through the dance, nailing every move of the iconic Halloween routine. 

According to many parents of dancers, football players, and cheerleaders, “They did really good. I couldn’t turn away.” 

The captain of the dance team, Laurin Hanni, had this to say about the performance, “I feel like we grew as a team even though the routine wasn’t that complicated, we pushed ourselves really hard this week. My favorite part of the night was when I jumped onto the fence and some guy was like ‘I ain’t down for that.’”

Graci Butler, a Co-captain of the team said, “Over the last couple of performances, I haven’t thought much about the position I hold, but as one of the team members. Going into last night’s performance I was a little scared because I knew that the changes made some of the girls nervous and nerves always make you more skeptical of a performance. Personally, I think last night was just so much fun being able to do Thriller the night before Halloween, not only for us but also for the crowd. I think last night actually went really well and it was really fun to be able to do that. It’s definitely a memory that I’ll have for the rest of my life. I don’t really think that there was anything we could’ve fixed. I think the walk-on was great, we all fell into formation without stuttering. Everyone was where they were supposed to be, it was perfect. Watching the video (of the performance) I didn’t even notice any mistakes, it was just really fun to see everyone’s costumes and see them develop with that character. My favorite part about last night’s performance was probably walk-on. I don’t know why I love that part so much but I do and I think it’s great. Mainly because it draws the attention of the crowd in. With the crowd all being parents and growing up with Michael Jackson in their life and Thrillercoming out when some of them were young, I think that Thriller is a perfect crowd pleaser especially it being the night before Halloween. It does really suck that we have to have certain restrictions with Covid and not being able to have a lot of our classmates there. But I think that last night was just an overall great experience for everyone who was there, and for us dancers.”

It was an overall, amazing night. The crowd was really into it, the cheerleaders were great at keeping the dancers hyped up. The most amazing part about the night was not only did they perform the most iconic Halloween dance the night before Halloween, but there was also a bright, big, full moon right behind them.