Jerome High School Dress Up Days


Dress up days at Jerome High School is something that most students don’t participate in. Dress up days are meant for students to show that they’re a community and are able to work together as a team. Dress Up days will continue to go on and hopefully students will be encouraged to want to start to participate. We interivewed Wendy Wright who is a teacher here at Jerome High School to get a little in sight on dress up days. We asked, “ Why did you decide to do dress up days?” Mrs. Wright said, “ I don’t do dress up days. It comes from the student government to promote unity.” We asked, “ How has COVID-19 affected dress up days?” Wright said, “ the only thing I have seen is that it is harder to get the word out.” we asked, “ how do you feel about people not wanting to participate?” Wright said, “ It makes me sad as the student government works hard to find things to have students participate in and then they don’t.” We asked, “ How can you encourage students to want to participate dressing up?” Wright said, “ We put up posters and we encourage others. We also award points for dress up days and a spirit award will be given at the end of the year to the class who has earned the most points.” We asked, “Why do you think that some students don’t want to participate?” Wright said, “ I think that they just forget. I also feel that they don’t realize that points are given for a class spirit award.” We asked a local student Isaiah Ziersch here at Jerome High School to get an opinion on dress up days. We asked, “ what are your thoughts on dress up days?” Ziersch said, “ they can be fun sometimes if there are enough people involved.” We asked, “ Do you dress up ?” Ziersch said, “ sometimes.” We asked “ what do you think the school can do to maybe try to motivate students more?” He said, “have a more creative and well thought dress up day.” Sometimes the clothing or accessories that are needed for that specific dress up day is something that maybe not every person may have laying around their house. This may be another reason as to why people are not able to dress up. Being self conscious can play a big part in students not wanting to dress up. They may fear that other students won’t dress up or they may have dressed up for the wrong day. Most students do not want to stand out. This upcoming Friday the dress up day is to dress up in whatever halloween costume that of course follows the dress code. All that is needed is to bring a can of food and anyone can be dressed up. This is fun to help those in need and to still be able to have fun.