Mind of an Arsonist


Jerome, Idaho- On Sunday the 25th, October 2020. A man was charged with arson after a fire on Sunday. The man that was charged with two counts of arson is Dennis R. Vincent one was first degree and the other was second degree according to Jon Ingrahm, an outdoors writer. So, what causes arson? Well according to the website Psychology Today and the author R. Douglas Fields he wrote about the mind of an arsonist. Arson can be used as a weapon of revenge or other type of motivation. By setting fire is also an irresistible compulsion for some and is recognized by a form of mental illness. 

Fire setting in adolescence and early adulthood predicts schizophrenia later in life. Between 10 to 50 percent of patients that are admitted to medium securting mental health facilities have a record of deliberate fire setting. Arsonists tend to differ from typical violent offenders in being more socially isolated and lacking coping skills. Females are reported to commit nearly one third of starting fires but not a lot is known about the psychopathological and crime  characteristics of female fire-setters. When a female starts fire it’s usually because they were often diagnosed with depression, substance abuse, and personality disorder than male arsonists. 

Greater researchers are needed to guide treatment in the most effective way possible. A suggestion of treatment significantly reduced the compulsion to start fires. People who commit arson form it into insanity and refer it to a mental illness. According to firehouse.com they listed six reasons why arson is committed. The first motivation is that the person wants to vandalise. The person may have gotten peer pressured into it but it would most likely be a small fire they caused like in trash cans. Second reason is because they get thrills out of setting things on fire. This type of arsonist wants attention. And the obvious one is revenge. People that commit vandalism to get revenge on the person that did them wrong. The fourth one is Crime concealment, a person usually does this to hide another crime they did such as murder or burglary. So the arson that was committed in Jerome it can be referenced to revenge because in some images there was a truck that was burned and that’s what the usually will happen if someone just wants to damage someone’s property for revenge.,