Election 2020



Elections are always a big deal but this year is especially big. Elections day is on November 2. The elections this year are really big because of the presidential candidates. The candidates are Donald Trump and Joe Biden and opinions on both of them are very strong. There are some people who support Trump and want him to win but there are also people who want Biden to win. Some people are split in the middle and aren’t sure who they are going to vote for. Both candidates have positive and negative traits which can persuade who you support.

Donald Trump is a very controversial person. There are good and bad things he has done or has said while being in office. For example, in one of his rallies in South Carolina he is pushing his hands to his chest and making fun of a New York Times reporter who has a disability. Serge Kovaleski was the man who had arthrogryposis, a congenital condition affecting the joints. Some positive traits are that he is trying to help raise the income and cut individual tax rates. We interviewed a student from Jerome High School, Jolee German and asked who she supports and why she supports them and she said, “ I like Trump a lot because there hasn’t been as many school shootings since he has been in office. Also he has said he will be building a wall on the border of Mexico and the U.S.A.” We asked her who she thinks will win and she said, “ I think Trump is going to win because most of the Biden supporters are illegal and illegal people can’t vote.”

Along with Trump, Biden is a very controversial person as well. There are Positive and negative things he has said and done while running for president. Some Positives would be saying he supports the LGBTQ+ as well as the rights of the community. Campaigning tax credits for students is another positive trait. A negative is that he had to drop out of the 1988 presidential race for plagiarism. We interviewed a student from Jerome High School, Natalie Parada and asked what her opinions on Biden are and she said, “ You have to look at both candidates and see which seems like a better option. For a person like me Biden would be a better choice for me. Biden isn’t the best person; he has flaws like everyone but Biden is our last chance. Trump isn’t a person who would fight for my rights as much as Biden would be.” 

Both presidential candidates both have positive and negative things they do and say but at this point we don’t know who could win. It could be Biden but it could also be Trump going into office. You could have your opinions on both candidates but it comes down to who actually goes to actually go vote to see who actually wins.