Student of The Week: Kaesen Olson


Jerome High School- Here at JHS we really take “One team, one town, one family,” very seriously. We take pride in our students, their education, their athletics, and their well being. Every week we choose students who have proved to be above and beyond in life. Kaesen Olson is this week’s outstanding student of the week. She is a Sophomore here at JHS. Not only is she absolutely considerate, but she is also extremely athletic. 

She plays volleyball, basketball, and softball, not only for JHS but she started out playing outside of school. For volleyball she is an outside hitter all the way around (meaning she does not go out). Basketball, she is a point guard, post wings (does not go out). Lastly, for softball Kaseon plays catcher, pitcher, and third base center field, occasionally. We can’t wait to see Kaeson out on the basketball court this season, and hopefully out on the softball fields in the spring! 

According to Kaesen, “I played rec-ball when I was about 5. I played t-ball, click pitch. I started volleyball in the 7th grade” She also told us that she started actually playing softball when she was in the 5th grade. Kaesen told us that she does want to continue playing softball, volleyball, and basketball throughout high school. Although, she says she only wants to continue playing basketball and maybe softball when she goes into college. 

When she was asked what her favorite sport was, out of all the ones she does play, she said basketball was her favorite. “I played it for a while, it’s probably one of the only sports I’m better at.” Kaeson said that she also enjoys watching pro-basketball, and her favorite team is the Lakers.

When she isn’t doing sports, Kaesen enjoys fishing (she fishes for many types of fish like bass, blue gill, etc.), going to her grandma’s house and riding horses and moving cows. She also enjoys going camping and hiking. 

To get to know Kaesen a little better, we asked her some questions about herself. Some of those questions were what her favorite things were, she said her favorite food was spaghetti. She doesn’t really have a favorite song, because she listens to everything. Then we asked her some truly weird, thinking questions, such as, if you could have any superpower in the world, what would it be? Kaesen said time travel. Finally, we asked her to really reach into her childhood memories and tell us what the funniest memory she had was. Kaeson said, “A funny story? Oh gosh, I have so many of them. I guess there was this one time I was at my cabin, and I was riding my bike. I ended up going down this hill and I flew, and I hit my face on a rock.”