Girls Basketball Tryouts


Jerome High School- At JHS, there are basketball tryouts happening and we asked some girls trying out and Coach Musgraves what is happening this year and how covid is affecting tryouts. Nova Parker and Izzi Driscoll said, “Basketball tryouts this year are being hosted on the dates November 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. It is intimidating to see older girls trying out because they have already been on the team so they have a higher chance of making it. They push you more here at the high school than at the middle school, leaving us sore and tired after practices. They are also super competitive and aggressive. We do basketball because it is fun to get your anger out with competition and it is our reason for going to school. The current pandemic, Coronavirus, has definitely affected tryouts because of how we have to social distance and if one of the members has to quarantine, everyone else trying out or on the team has to quarantine as well, all for two weeks.” Nova Parker mentions how she had to get tested for the current virus, and she said “I was supposed to not participate in tryouts and I was upset that I wouldn’t get to be on the team this year or even get a chance to be. But then I got tested and it came back negative just in time for tryouts, and now I am trying out.” 

We asked Coach Musgraves how he thinks Covid is affecting Basketball tryouts and how it will affect the games and teams. He said, “We aren’t even finished with tryouts yet we have one game canceled already and they are probably going to cancel two more. For the whole program, there was a rough total of 34 girls trying out for the team this year. This is actually a lot less than it normally would be and I think it is because of Covid-19. There has been an extremely low amount of Freshman and Sophmores trying out and I really don’t know the specific reason.” 

If we go into orange, all games would be canceled for not just girls basketball, but for all the sports happening in the Jerome School District. The girls trying out have all been working extremely hard to get a spot on the outstanding Jerome team that we have. Coach Musgraves will choose the best girls for the team to make this basketball season great. Well, if we even have a basketball season. We can all just hope for the best.

This season will be filled with new people and some of your same talented athletes. Make sure and come to all the games to support your amazing athletes. There will be concessions open and who knows, what if one of the games is the last one you”ll ever go to because of the current pandemic we are all living in. Also, make sure to cheer as loud as possible!