Letter to the Editor: Bringing Back Early Release


Hello Roaring Times my name is Megan Shepard and I am writing to you addressing the fact that we do not have early release on Fridays anymore and I think that it should be put out so that people are noticing that we should possibly bring early release back to JHS.

Students at JHS have always looked forward to Fridays to its shorten bell schedule and early release. This year, they have taken that away from students. A lot of kids are disappointed in this act and believe that JHS should bring back early release.

  This year we have been facing many struggles involving COVID and I think that since we have no signs of going into orange any time soon, we should at least bring back early release. Why bring kids to school longer during a pandemic?
I also think that it would be a good idea to put out that we are still not going into orange when we need to take this act the most. So many students have been diagnosed with COVID this year and are being sent home and quarantined due to COVID. If we just went under quarantine and went into orange like we should, we may be able to beat this virus in a shorter amount of time then if we were to stay in school, and risk peoples lives every day.
Thank you for taking the time to read this email i appreciate it!