Letter to the Editor


Getty Images/iStockphoto

feet of soccer player tread on soccer ball for kick-off in the stadium

Since such a young age soccer has been something I enjoyed and was interested in. Trying out for soccer and getting on teams has done so much for my life and others. Just being on a team has given me things like new opportunities and friends. Soccer has always been a get away from real life. I look forward to playing when I know I can when I have extra time when I’m done with school and work. Even just playing with the Jerome High School Boys Soccer Team can get you new chances at school. You can get scholarships for college which most people look forward to because you get these huge opportunities for just doing what we love. For many many years the boys soccer team has worked hard and yet they haven’t won the state championship final, we were so close last year. After going to extra time after they played their 80-90 minutes I feel like we deserved the win after everything we went through during the season and how we played that day. There is nothing like winning the state final and being able to carry the trophy with your teammates, coaches, and long the crowd.  We’ve been so close to winning but we haven’t and I’d like to see the team on the news or something because I think that they deserve it after all the effort that’s been put in. If there’s anything that life and growing up has taught me is to never give up and for that reason I want to play soccer again next year and give it my all.

– Martin Reyes