Letter to the Editor: “President Biden” is Not a Thing

Letter to the Editor:

“President Biden” is not a thing. The media says that Joe Biden has won the presidential election. Sorry, but the media doesn’t get to declare who’s president. The election is far from over. The Trump campaign has over 40 different lawsuits in multiple states for voting irregularities. In the 2000 election, Al Gore took the Florida vote to the FL supreme court three times, and to the US supreme court twice. The entire process took 37 days. The media didn’t declare a winner until then, they waited to see how it all worked out. This election, however, took the media 4 days to declare a winner. The winner has been falsely announced because multiple states are still, as of Nov 10th, counting ballots. There are also multiple lawsuits being filed and some already being judged in court. Georgia has been starting to recount by hand.

 There has been no official news, and no states have any official results, as of November 10th. Right now, they are still counting the votes in Pennsylvania, and so far, no one has “won the state”. So I am not sure why the article you have posted states that “Biden won Pennsylvania”. Joe Biden did not actually declare a victory in his speech. In fact, if you actually watch the whole video, you will see for yourself that it isn’t in there at all.

Biden says that he wants us to come together as a nation, but less than a week ago he called all Trump supporters racist and xenophobic. He also called President Trump a clown and a liar, all of which he spoke to his face, and yet now he just wants us all to forget that he said all of that.

The article says that President Trump called the election a “stolen election”. It was kind of a stolen election because there were many illegal votes. If you still don’t think so, how do you explain how some states had more votes than registered voters? People were cheating by voting multiple times, and Biden didn’t even need to cheat to win he has people voluntarily cheating for him. The Democrat party filed over 60 lawsuits since August to change election laws and make it easier to cheat. They have joined Republicans in ZERO of the new lawsuits. They even appealed a

decision by a judge to allow republicans to be in the room when counting votes. If they cared about an honest election, they would be joining the GOP is looking for fraud and getting a correct vote count.

Please do a little research into the electoral college. The states will assign their electorates on December 14th. A lot can happen until then. If the Trump campaign hasn’t conceded, then there is no President-elect until December 14th. Not if CNN says so, not if any article says so, or anyone at all. Just sit back and wait and let the entire process work it out.

Emma Dickinson

Savannah Peiffer