Editorial: A Divided Country Will Fall


Biden and Harris winning the election has been huge news around the world, everyone is talking about it. Although you might be tired of hearing about it, it is a very important matter and the country still remains divided about it. 

After the results, emotions and reactions have been very different. Each side being pretty extreme. Cities all over the world have erupted in celebration, and others insist the election was stolen and that it’s still not over yet. As of Friday November 13th , Trump has still not conceded. The country has been divided since Trump won the election in 2016 and that division continues even after he lost in 2020. With his rallies after the fact, his baseless accusations, and his threats contributing to that. No former president has refused to concede after all votes were counted and legal matters were settled, hopefully Trump doesn’t become the first. After all of the accusations of fraud are either debunked or confirmed hopefully the country will make its way towards being united again. 

The way the country has been divided the last few years has been disastrous at least. With the riots and protests, the debate over the wall that Trump vowed to build, the many accusations against Trump, and over the precautions we should take with Covid-19 which really shouldn’t be debated like a political opinion like it was. Trump holding all these rallies and stirring up his impressionable fan base all for claims that have no evidence behind them is doing nothing to help this country. Even children are divided over politics. Literal high school and middle school students harbor hate for each other over something they have no control over. It is good for the younger generation to have knowledge and even opinions on politics but the amount of hate that goes around is unfathomable. 

The debate over COVID precautions has been one of the most surprising to me. People refuse to wear masks, there are even protests against mask mandates. Just a week ago there was a demonstration on a corner of Blue Lakes in Twin Falls. People bring up their rights being stripped away when an establishment refuses to let them enter without a mask. Many of them seemingly forget that the establishment has rights of their own and they can refuse service to whoever they want. The fact that COVID has been debated like a political opinion is actually pretty embarrassing. People who are “anti-mask” often bring up Donald Trump’s quick recovery, using that as a way to say that COVID is not serious even for older people. Unfortunately, most people do not have access to the best medical care in America like Trump, so you can not expect the same results. Many people, including students here at JHS seem to only be concerned for themselves saying things like “I’m healthy. I’ll be fine if I get COVID, it’ll be like the flu” or something similar. This mindset and the lack of consideration shown for others is astonishing at times. Covid-19 should not be another issue that divides the country and yet, for some reason, it is. 

Soon after Biden was announced President-elect, Trump fired  senior Defense Secretary Mark Esper and three other senior officials including his chief of staff and the top officials overseeing policy and intelligence. They were then replaced by what are perceived as Trump loyalists. Some of these supposed loyalists are rather controversial, one of them, Anthony Tata who just took over the pentagon’s top policy role, has been reported to have made many Islamophobic comments and in 2018 he tweeted claiming that Obama was a “Terrorist leader”. Many people are alarmed by these developments which is understandable. This is just one of the things done recently that has caused worry and debate. This is kind of similar to when Trump nominated New Supreme Court Justice, Amy Coney Barrett, who was confirmed, just weeks before the election which he would end up losing. Making that his third appointed Justice in his one term, also putting Republicans at a 6-3 majority in the Supreme Court. Trump putting many of his people in positions of power barely before and even after the election has caused some obvious concern. 

Many people have compared this election to Gore vs Bush in 2000. Many supporters of Trump are using it as a way to back his attempts to take this election to the Supreme Court. However, it is very unlikely that this will turn out like the Gore vs Bush case. Many legal experts have claimed that they doubt that Trump’s team’s claims have much merit to them, and they have still failed to present any solid proof. Kermit Roosevelt, a professor of constitutional law at the University of Pennsylvania Law School has said “The level of evidence they’ve produced is actually very low, it has a sort of conspiracy theory feel to it. There are sweeping claims that don’t have a lot of evidence at all and evidence that turns out to be irrelevant”. Besides that, Trump’s legal team is nowhere close to the star studded team that Bush assembled in 2000, which was a huge factor in his win. 

No matter your political opinion you can not deny that the country is the most divided it’s been in a long time and recent events are doing nothing to change that. Hopefully after the current issues are resolved, people will accept the results and try to move forwards as a country together.