Editorial: Bringing Back Early Release


This year has been one of the toughest years for Jerome students and staff. Not only has our   

school been school been denied going into orange, but we no longer have early release on Fridays. Due to COVID, many safety precautions have been taken by other schools in the Idaho area. Why did 

they choose the year we are in a pandemic to get rid of early release?

At Jerome High School for the past few years, they have given students and staff early release 

on Fridays. This year is the most challenging year yet and Jerome has decided not to allow us to 

have an early release that could decrease the amount of students and staff being quarantined each 

week due to COVID. So why out of all years at JHS did they decide to take away more time we 

could have had at home, safe from the deadly virus, why did they decide to take it away in the 

middle of a pandemic? Now we are required to be at school even longer than before and are more 

at risk every single day. 

 Bringing back early release on Fridays will not only decrease the amount of COVID cases that 

we get here at JHS, but it will also give students something to look forward to at the end of the 

week. All week they worry about papers and assignments and how high and low their grades are 

getting. It would encourage students to come to school if we had an early release day to look 

forward to every week. 

Personally, I would feel more encouraged to come to school each week if we had an early 

release day to look forward to. All week it can get stressful and it is nice to know that at the end of 

the stressful week, you can head home early. We are in a pandemic. We should be 

trying to spend as much time social distancing as possible, instead of risking lives everyday.