School Lunch Lady, Amber Doss “I love my job and I love the kids.”


There is no doubt the school lunch ladies work hard every day to prepare meals for the students. We interviewed  Jerome High School kitchen manager Amber Doss, to get a little insight on what lunch ladies go through and think about the meals. 

We asked Amber Doss, “How difficult is it to prepare large amounts of food every day?” Doss said, “ It is very hard. It takes about 6 of us all together to be able to prepare the food. Everyone is assigned a job. One is in hot foods. One is in veggies, and one is in fruits. It takes us all day from the morning to the afternoon and once we are finished we need to prepare for the next day. It used to be about 360 students that were being fed every day and now it is up to 530.”  We asked Doss, “do you get to choose what meals are being given to the students?” She said, “ no, the person in charge of making those decisions is the foodservice district but we can put in ideas.” We asked Doss, “If you could, what would you change about the meal plan?” She said, “Make the students happy and make food that students actually want.” We asked Doss, “Do you think the food that is being served to students is healthy?” She said, “ yes I do, we very much so take pride in what we do.”  We asked Doss, “What do you do with the extra food that is left over?” She said, “because it is government distributed we have to throw it away but because there are so many students there is not much food that has to be thrown away.” We asked Doss, “ do you enjoy your job?’ She said, “Yes I love my job, and I love the kids.” We asked Doss what is something students should know, she said, “that we love them and enjoy them. I have also noticed that the students have begun appreciating us more.” 

We also interviewed Keely Wayment, a Jerome High School freshman, to find out what she thought about school lunch. We asked her “Do you appreciate the lunch ladies?” She responded “Yes. I do appreciate them very much so. They work hard every day to serve the students at Jerome High School with breakfast and lunch. They come here to the school early each day to get breakfast prepared and work their butts off to feed us lunch as well. They are extremely sweet as well and they give everyone compliments when they hand them their food.” When asked if she liked the food, she said “I mean, it isn’t very appetizing in my opinion but I am still thankful that they at least serve food for the students.” We also asked her what her favorite school food was. “My favorite school food would have to be those little pizza bite things, they are actually super good!”